Investor Relations/Leaderships
Honorable President Rüştü Akın

 ( 1915 - 1996 )

1915: born at the subdistrict Buldan of the province Denizli

1928: after graduating he took charge of his father's looms

1932: his first medal as an Artisan awarded by the Ministry of Industry.

1934: relocated to Istanbul when he was 19. 

1943: married his spouse, Mrs. Emel Akın. 

1947: went to the USA for a foreign trade study and returned in 1948.

1955: together with his brother Mr. Haydar Akın, laid foundation for the plant of Akın Textile to return to industry.

1971: set up the Edip Yarn Plant in cooperation with Mr. Nuri Akın, his son, and other partners.

1980s: restructured the marketing company Akın Pazarlama he had founded in 1977 into Akın Holding to bring several real property and chattel investments together.

1986: set up the Rüştü Akın Foundation and became a founder to Tekstilbank. 

1995: published his book "Ben de Tekstilciyim" (I am a textile businessman too)

1996: deceased

Always With Us


Nuri AKIN Chairman

Nuri AKIN Chairman Was born in 1944 in Buldan, Denizli, Graduated from Robert Academy in 1963 and received a BS degree in Textile Engineering from Krefeld Economics in Germany in 1967. Started his career as Planning Manager at Akın Tekstil A.Ş. in 1971, worked as executive director and general manager at Edip İplik A.Ş. where he is the founder. Founder of and elected president to EDPA USA Inc New York in 1984. Chairman term of Ready-made Apparel Exporters of Istanbul in 1989 for two years. Founder and first term president of Tekstilbank. Promoted to President of Edip İplik A.Ş. after Rüştü AKIN. He is also the president and/or director at Akın Holding A.Ş. and other companies of Akın Group. Nuri Akın is married and has 2 children.

Ahmet AKIN Board Member

Board Member Was born in 1987 in İstanbul. Graduated BS degree in Bilgi University Faculty of Communication. He is also board member of other companies of Akın Group

Ismail KOC Board Member

Was born in 1964,  accomplished Business Graduates Degree in Marmara Univercity in 1985. Worked as managerial possitions at Feza Çorapları A.Ş. and Tekstilbank A.Ş. betveen 1989 and 1993. He is currently General Menager of Gözde Giyim A.Ş.. He is also Board member of Tekstürize Holding, Feza Holding and Gozde Giyim A.Ş.. İsmail Koç is also Councilor of İstanbul Industry Chamber. He is married an has 2 children.

Nedim ÖLÇER Board Member
Nilgün ERMAN Board Member